Improvisation is a skill, which can be used in all walks of life: job interviews, presentations, dinner parties, acting work, if you're alone on a desert island...

I've had the privilege of being trained by some incredibly gifted individuals, and I'm now sharing that collective wisdom and my years of experience with others. I've taught the past two summers at Cornish College of the Arts -- as part of a week-long intensive and also a longer form four-week course. I'd welcome the opportunity to teach at other universities, schools, and community centers. Please feel free to contact me if interested. Or even semi-interested. If you're disinterested, then I suggest you watch "9 to 5." It will make you giggle, at which point you'll be at least partially interested, and then we can go from there.

Upcoming Gigs:

  • Asia, Winter 2018
  • Theatre Camp - Lubbock, TX, Spring 2018


Administrative Reviews:

"Chad is a rare breed of teacher that every student hopes to have. His classroom is an electric playground for experimentation. Failure is inevitable in the work, especially in the early part of the process, but Chad celebrates the failure and teaches students to investigate without casting judgement. The students begin to analyze the work and troubleshoot for next time. His students come out of the course with confidence and an individualized process. The lessons that students learn in Chad's classes directly impact their work in other arenas.  He helps them find their own confident voice. Chad brings endless amounts of joy and patience to the work. He challenges his students to analyze and reflect on their experiences in real time. As an educator, Chad inspires me to be a more compassionate teacher. Although I have never been an official student of his, I have learned a great deal from him and feel lucky to have him as a peer. He would be an asset to any program."

- Terri Weagant, Affiliated Adjunct Instructor, Cornish College of the Arts, 2016

"Chad always demonstrates excellent professional skills. He possesses poise and confidence and an in-depth understanding of specific foundational strategies, as well as advanced content, which he utilizes to address a diverse student body within his classroom. Students, parents, faculty, and staff all respond to his style. During his time at Cornish College of the Arts, Chad had a wide range of abilities within his class, and he readily developed individual solution-focused strategies, which enables students to grasp complex material, problem-solve and gain independence in the process. He has a very definite understanding of and affinity for adolescents and young adults and his rapport is natural and genuine.

Interpersonally, Chad brings confidence, every, and a delightful sense of humor to the position. He is warm, giving, and supportive. Our students feel very comfortable with him. He is a team player and accepts feedback readily. Chad is organized, meets deadlines, and is also a self-starter. In addition, he's simply a delightful person, and a pleasure to talk with about a range of subjects."

- Alison Staplin Dean, Summer and External Programs, Cornish College of the Arts, 2015


Student Reviews:

"I had the opportunity to take part in Chad Miller's improvisation class over the summer of 2016 at Cornish College of the Arts, and let me just say, I am so lucky. Not only did he help me grow as an actress, but also as an individual. Before participating in Chad's class, I was not at all confident in my improv skills, and I knew I needed some work. Chad helped me figure out what my strengths and weaknesses were in improvisation, helped me to create different characters I could use both inside and outside of an improv setting, and helped me to get out of my head when acting. On top of that, I made a wonderful friend whom I feel comfortable talking to, making inside jokes with, and most importantly, respect very greatly. I learned so much from working with Chad, and he put acting in a whole new perspective for me. I look forward to taking another class with Chad in the future!"

- Allison McCoin, Plano, TX

"I took Improv summer classes with Chad. The whole experience was positive, supportive, and frankly really fun. The classes made me a better actor, even person. The things I learned in Chad's Improv classes helped me in plays, public speaking, meeting new people, not freaking out when everything goes wrong, and much, much more! I never thought that Improv would help me so much.  Chad's classes are challenging, fun, and very educational. He also seems to want to help in any way he can, is serious about the art, and truly enjoys what he does, which I personally think is very important for a teacher. Not only is he a great teacher but a great person. He is kind and absolutely hilarious. I can't wait to take classes with him again!"

- Anya Jones, Seattle, WA

"I recently had the opportunity to attend an Improv workshop taught by Chad.  He is a master Improv instructor and coach.  It was amazing how quickly he established such a safe space for a large, varied group of people.  And the commitment level of all the participants was remarkable due to the environment he fostered.  His energy and mindful attention was infectious and clearly showed in the work that  was produced that day.  It was so fun!  

Chad has a way of bringing immediate, specific, non-judgmental correction that allows the actor/s to redirect instantly while giving to the creative flow.  Learning from him is so invigorating that time goes quickly in his presence.  It is well worth the time, effort, and investment to work with Chad. I’m craving more!"

Anna Ruth Aaron-DeSpain, Actor/Singer/Artist/Voice Instructor, Lubbock, TX

Summer Improv Intensive - Cornish School of the Arts, 2016