This fall, I'll be joining former fellow Texas Tech Red Raiders in the original musical revue, "This Very Moment." Music and lyrics by Brett Kristofferson and direction by Rebecca Burton. So very happy to be reuniting with friends (and castmates of shows past), Angela Schulz and Chad Ryan!

Performance dates:
November 11 - 13
Ticket information coming soon!


THIS VERY MOMENT is told from the perspective of everyday folks, mostly of a certain age (ahem), folks who have lived a bit, at least long enough to have made some major decisions about their life path, and long enough to have felt the repercussions, good or bad, those decisions brought them. Incorporating songs that span Brett Kristofferson's 20+ year career, THIS VERY MOMENT explores, mourns, and celebrates the moments that help shape the landscape of our lives; moments that expose our weaknesses, perplex us, and help us define the things that are important to us.